Monday, April 8, 2013

The things that keep me up at night

So I was putzing around the internet, avoiding both sewing and my bed, when I spied with my little eye something wonderful to behold?


This deliciousness was brought to life by the beautifully talented Frances at Polka Polish. Wanna see more?? Lucky for you, there's a whole blog post dedicated to perfection here. Oh and lookie, she wore it for St Paddy's with a green crinoline, just when I think I couldn't love one garment any harder.

::le sigh::

She says it's a fabric beast but you know what? I have 7 yards of seersucker upstairs (don't ask) and you know, could there be a better use for that much fabric? COULD THERE??

You know there couldn't, otherwise, why would I be using so many CAPS??? AND QUESTION MARKS???

There couldn't and thus, for obvious reasons, I cannot rest until I find something similar to make my very own.

Of course, there isn't a copy to beheld, except for one in a 30 inch bust and look, I'm not paying $18+ and still have to resize the pattern. So alas, the search continues.

Unless I can come up with a clever way to hack up a princess seamed and/or dropped waist 50's era pattern to accommodate my desperate desires. Please tell me someone, anyone out there in Sewlandia has some sort of inkling of how I go about this.

I will simply die, DIE I SAY if I cannot have some amazingness for my very own.

Did I say die? Because yeah, DIE!

So go ye therefore, my minions and bring back greatness.


  1. I don't know WHY you would have 7 yards of seersucker, but this is definitely the dress for it. (My size 32 bust pattern called for 6 5/8 yards of 44 inch fabric!)
    You could take a princess seamed dress, stop the waist where you want it, and cut out an entire circle skirt to gather to the side and back panels, maybe? That's effectively what this one does.

  2. So the skirt is an entire circle skirt with the exception of the front two princess seamed panels?

    Oh it's on like donkey kong now!

  3. Here's the cutting layout: (I hope that works)
    The front two panels are effectively 1/4 of a circle, and then there are two "side front" and "side back panels", each also 1/4 circle, and then the center back panel is another 1/4 circle. So, you have 1/4 ungathered circle in the front, and 1 1/4 gathered circles taking up the rest of the skirt.

  4. You are my hero!!!!

    You shall be mine, gorgeous dress. Oh yes you shall!

  5. When I first saw the picture I thought it might be Vogue 8789 but you said princess seams? So no that's not it. Vogue and Butterick both have lots of retro patterns. You should be able to find something similar. Try They have every brand of pattern I've ever heard of and then some.

  6. Hiya! How are you? Haven't heard anything from you in a while, so I hope things are good-busy, and life is going well!