Monday, December 31, 2012

A dim and blurry Christmas

I think it's well established that a) I have a crappy camera and b) I take crappy pics. So I'm sure you'll be double shocked that my Christmas pictures could put an issue of Family Circle to shame.


::le sigh::

I'm going to console myself with the fact that I didn't have to spend my time threatening lives until I got the perfect shot. I just took these and kept on trucking.

Wanna see?

Red Velvet Cake

The haul
(Pay no attention to the fabric explosion in the corner)

The Tree
(And more fabric explosion plus UPS leavings)

Christmas morning comes early when you're short/old

Grandma send me a glowworm!
And no, grandma, you didn't need to see my face.

I love how appetizing food looks with really awesome lighting.
Also, my ham is hiding and my stuffing looks really sad.

Gimme my pot pie!
(Please say you get that reference or we can't be friends.)

In conclusion, I know only five of you will actually care about this post, because really, it's awful. But I promised Bear Allen I would blog daily, and blog daily I will.

Okay, so the five people part is really, really generous. I can tell you my mama cares, Bear Allen cares, Heather cares because she loves me and fuss cares because she loves my kids. I swear I will atone for all the ills of this post with the remainder of the week.



Merry Christmas from the Hot Mess Household.


  1. I do care... I really, really do.

    And I love how it looks like you're ALMOST intentionally doing that thing where you blur our Pudding's face for his anonymity. If I didn't know you better, I would totally think it was on purpose!

    And new challenge for 2013: GET THEE A NEW CAMERA!

    1. That boy would not hold still for anything. Little turd. All of the pictures I have of him on Christmas look like that. However, I clearly love him more since you don't see any pictures of the other two, do you?

      Okay so it's because any pictures I took of them featured the hot mess that is my living room and I'm not even hearing that.

  2. And Polyvorina cares cause she also takes crappy pics and can sympathize! ;) And actually I rather like the picture of your tree. But it's the mantle with the stockings that I like best. Wish I had a spot to do such a thing. Looking forward to the 2013 posts!

    1. This is our last Christmas in this house and I'm a wee bit sad over the loss of a mantle. Let's hope I can find a rental with something similar.

  3. I care! :)

    I'm in no position to judge your pictures. My Christmas post is all photos from my phone.

    Am I counting right? Did the wee little dog have a stuffed stocking?

    1. Yes! Lulu got a stocking. My uterus is empty, if that's what you're wondering. lol