Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Sadistic Nymphomaniac

Do you Pinterest?

To me, the place is like a drug, oh so bad and yet oh so good all at the same time. And like a drug, I find I binge and purge on the place from two sides of the pendulum. Either I dabble because I'm bored and have nothing to do or I plunge in headlong seeking some elusive high. (At least this is how I understand drugs kind of work based on nothing more than a couple viewings of Requiem for a Dream and a four hour adventure with a couple Excedrin.) 

And just like a drug, there is good (unlimited brownie recipes and pretty dresses) right next to the bad (people who don't pin from the the post and thus, you end up scouring an entire blog for that caramel brownie recipe when one click should have yielded immediate chocolatey goodness.)

One of the more awesome aspects of pinterest however is the fact that you can see the rabbit holes your friends and fellow pinners have fallen into and sometimes, that sends you on your own little merry chase. 

Now what does that have to do with sadism or nymphos?

Still not clear, is it?


Exactly because the CIA, particularly in the late 60's was full of the craycray and clearly jealous of Eartha Kitt's beauty. Or maybe they were just upset that they were nice enough to invite a black lady to their backpatting party and she had the nerve to voice her opinion. 

It could have been worse. At least fists didn't fly.

Instead of merely escorting her out, the CIA launched an investigation, as they did back then. Their conclusion was not that well, Eartha was merely doing that whole First Amendment thing. Oh no. The more logical conclusion was that Eartha was something of a sadistic nymphomaniac bent on destroying the world with a planet sized spaceship orbiting the earth.

Okay, so no Death Star which is disappointing because Eartha is much better looking than Darth Vader. The sadistic nymphomaniac thing however? Yeah, totally true.

Ahhhh, the good old days.

At least the fashion was fabulous.

I thought I knew about Eartha. She was Catwoman, duh. And she voiced Yzma, a character in one of my favorite movies evah, The Emperor's New Groove.

But I had no idea until I saw Wanett's Pinterest feed what an interesting and engaging life Eartha lived, far beyond a couple episodes of Batman. Between the sadistic nymphomaniac business and the mystery of her birth, I'm going to need to find a biography to read. For now, I'm just going to head back over to this blog post and fall back into the splendor that is elegance.

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