Friday, March 7, 2014

Spring is taking its sweet time springing!

It's cold and wet here. Not cold or wet enough compared to other places. Just cold and wet enough for me to whine. I live in the South, okay? If I'm not going to see snow, then I deserve to be warm.

But enough about what an ungrateful little wretch I am, let's talk about what I've been up to lately.

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah boy! I've been growing stuff. Look at my pretty violas! Rumor has it these bad boys will shrivel up and run away the minute it gets good and warm, all the more reason I should stop pouting. It's going to get hot soon enough and I'll be crying over their demise. But I couldn't help myself. I just love violas, all fluttering in the breeze. Aside from those, the flowers can wait. It's gardening season, my people! Kind of early for my region, yes but look, you have to get out there while the getting is good or you'll be sweating like a pig before you can get a row in.

Some of you may remember that I moved last year, which is why I had a break from gardening. New place, new ground. My backyard is sizable enough that I could do some good but was also nice and grassy. That left me a few options. I could do a straight raised bed, but that's a ton of dirt I would have to buy. I could dig it out myself with shovels and such but you people ought to know by now I'm too lazy for that. Or, I could find a tiller. Lucky for me and everyone else who isn't try to spend that kind of scratch, Home Depot will let you rent one. For a measly $40, I could dig out my garden in less than 24 hours. And dig out I did.

I filled it with a couple tide me over plants. Things like cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli. There is really very little hope I'll be harvesting anything off those plants because they like the cold and this state likes to roast you to death as early as April. But who cares? Plants for everyone!

Brussels Sprouts


So admittedly, I'm feeling a little salty about the broccoli. In this picture right above, you can see one spindly looking broccoli plant at the left rear. The stubby little thing right in front of it? Another broccoli plant. I had nine of them planted in that little space and some creature of some sort ate them to death. It's amazing how gardening can turn you from this animal lover into something that hunts them to the death and ain't even sorry. Just let me find out what kind of furry beast has been eating up on my stuff and see what happens. JUST SEE WHAT HAPPENS!

I also threw out some peas, carrots, and other assorted stuff. My grand plan was to wait until some of them were nice and established, then go out there and mulch. LIKE A BOSS!

Instead, the skies opened up

And so for the last week, I've felt like this

Please, sir, can I have some sunshine? Maybe a little warmth?

I have gladiolus to plant, strawberry columns to make, green things to mulch.

Enough piteous begging. Lord knows I probably can't be heard over the weeping and gnashing of teeth coming out of the rest of the country. 

Somewhere in Pennsylvania

Let's look at the rest of my garden, shall we? Feel free to ignore the neighbor's ugly old shed and the unsightly bag that used to house my gardening soil. Before Noah's Flood hit, I was using that bad boy to rest my lazy bum whilst I mulched. I got really far in my efforts, can't you tell?

Rain, rain, go away. Mama's got some squirrels to slay.

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  1. You know I'm not much for the gardening, but the VIOLAS are beautiful and this post made me feel hopeful that Spring is on it's way (brought to you from Somewhere in Connecticut)