Sunday, March 16, 2014

Wearing O'The (Olive) Green

Of course I procrastinated again and have to cram in all of my St Pat's sewing into the next 12 hours. Smart cookie, I am. In my defense, I'm only putting together a simple tee for pinky and a circle skirt for myself. This means the sewing machine will decide it doesn't like me just before I hit the hem of my skirt and my serger will eat up my heart print fabric faster than a true Irisher tucks into a proper shepherd's pie.

Wish me luck!

In the meantime, here's my Sunday green.

The skirt is handmade by moi. The pattern has a rather deceptive name, Skirt with Front Pleats. There are actually no pleats involved, just two ovals cleverly split before attaching it to a yoked waist, giving it these lovely soft folds. I made it from a poly charmeuse acquired from The waistband is lightly interfaced and the bottom is finished with a simple rolled hem. It floats nicely around your legs as you walk but mind you, you'll want to be careful on breezy days, lest you give the whole world a nice view of your spanx. 


I just realized that even though I've lived in this house more than six months, this is the first OOTD I've taken here. I really have to work on the positioning. Having my son stand on the stoop and take the pic results in me looking shorter and wider than I actually am. But my dog loves me just the way I am.

Actually, she just loves my lip gloss. Every time I wear it, she tries in vain to eat my face.

She's lucky she's cute.

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  1. The drape of that skirt is AWESOME! And you look really great in that olivey color.