Monday, March 26, 2012

Pink: It was love at first sight

This is what happens when you can't find your camera and let your ten year old take your picture with your crappy cell phone instead. Or maybe this is all part of my evil plan to hide the poorly blended metallic charcoal eyeshadow I was too lazy to fix.

The world may never know.

Both my blouse and my skirt were free downloads from The Bossa Nova skirt is made from a Joann's plisse I bought on sale last summer. This has to be the easiest skirt I've sewn maybe ever. If you can sew a straight line, you can make this skirt. There was no swish thanks to the stiffness of the plisse but the overall line is great. It's also the first skirt I've ever made that was the perfect length as is. I think I'll definately be sewing this again.

The Fringe(less) Festival Knit top however . . .


Between my genius idea to use a slinky slub rayon for my first knit garment and the nonsensical directions for how to sew in the scarf tie, I was ready to throw the entire hot mess into the nearest fire and piss on it for good measure. In the end, I'm glad I didn't, not just because third degree burns to my rear end sound like the opposite of a good time but because, miracles of miracles, I actually love this top. This probably isn't the best way to style it given that it's making me look a little pregnant in this picture, but I think hemming it up to hip level will fix that.

The color just so happens to coordinate perfectly with my favorite shoes, shoes I couldn't find because they were hidden under the girlchild's bed.

She's lucky I love her.

I'd tell you all about her outfit but there isn't much excited to tell. I didn't use a pattern, just cut and sewed some things together until I liked the look. Thankfully, she agreed. Other things I'm thankful for? A little girl who doesn't mind going to church with her mama in matching outfits.

How much longer do you think I have before she ashamed to be seen in public with me?

No, really, I need to know when I get to start to embarrassing her in public. That is, after all why you have children, yes? It certainly isn't because I enjoy playing 20 questions with an eight year old who is supposed to be doing her homework.

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