Sunday, April 15, 2012

Decisions, decisions

I'm finally working on the Easter, ahem, I mean Spring dresses after more than a week of inexcusable procrastination. Don't ask me why I'm admitting that I've just been lazy. I have a two and a half month old pudgelet. He's like a built in excuse. He's also a very good baby, I mean he's such a terrible, horrible, cantakerous, demanding little man and thus I am only now getting started on dresses that should have been done last week.

Thank God Pinocchio is just a story. I like my nose just the length it is, thank you very much.

As I was saying, I cut out pudding's outfit this morning and after more gardening, I fired up the old netflix, put on some Doctor Zhivago and started cutting the pinkleminkle's 1950's vintage dress. After cutting out the bodice overlay from a silk organza I bought on sale from Martha Pullen, I realized I have to sew the pintucks into this thing in order to get the proper pattern for the main fabric. I did so and now I'm presented with a problem.

Which bodice look do I go for?

The first is three columns of embroidered ribbon. I know it looks like Irish green shamrocks here but I promise they are pretty turquoise and aqua flowers.


The  next one are three columns of lace beading insertion threaded with robin's egg blue ribbon. Just pretend it looks that color and not the sky blue it appears to be here.


Then, two rows of the ribbon and lace on either side with insertion lace down the center.


As above but switched.


And finally, the simplest option, three columns of lace insertion.

 I'm kind of partial to number four. What say you?