Sunday, April 29, 2012

I might be dying

But at least the flowers look pretty, right??

I think it's uneven but if you're smart,
you won't say a thing

You better agree or I'm going to come to your house and flop my sweaty behind right all up on your sheets. Especially if they are nice and cool.

And for an update on the rest of my gardening sitch, I did some weeding, caged the tomatoes, and strung up some kind of trellis (please, Lord say I did it right.)

Everything looks really good. The carrots are taking their slow, sweet time for which I cannot blame them as they are probably just a wee bit perturbed by random doggie paws constantly up in their business. The spinach doesn't have the same excuse as my Boston terrier isn't nearly as interested in that side but at least the little shoots, sprouts or whatever the crap you call them are bigger than the carrot seedlings.

For a kid who is too lazy for own garden,
she sure as hell is all up in mine.

It actually feels like a real garden now and not some kindergarten-esque smattering of wishful thinking. I'm beginning to think I might actually manage to harvest something other than tears and disappointment.

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