Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I can't find my stupid grocery list

So let's look at pinky's Easter dress in progress instead, yes?

It still needs sleeves, buttons in the back, embroidery on the front, and the neckline needs to be finished but that should all be finished by Tuesday when I have my last class. I'm really going to miss going to class every week so I think I'm going to go to their sewing bee on Wednesday mornings. Keep your fingers crossed that sewing mojo is contagious.

Now, let's discuss my Easter dress, shall we? I had plans to finish the vintage dress I cut out last year but I might have a slight obsession with coordinating outfits for the holidays. The vintage dress, while beautimous (is so a word) is ivory and robin's egg blue and much different than the tone, style, and techniques assorted with pinky's dress. So I went hoping around the interwebs and pinterest to see if I could come with something heirloom-y for my person.

What? You don't like those??

For the record, there are a few better options out there.

Like this beautiful heirloom inspired camisole for which I'd need another camisole to hide my bra. However, as much as I love this, it doesn't quite suit my needs/wants. The wonderful thing about heirloom sewing is that it's quite adaptable to any pattern. You just create your "fabric" from various laces, insertions, and strips of the primary fabric and then lay your chosen pattern pieces on top. So I went digging around and came up with Simplicity 2147.

There are quite a few versions of this pattern floating around the interwebs, ranging from adorable little tops.

via Barefoot in the Kitchen

To sweet little dresses

via mklittle

I've decided on view B and to give it a similar feel to pinky's dress, I plan to do lace work in the yoke along with a lace fancy band in the hem of the skirt. My friend A is quite concerned that such a shapeless tunic will look like a sack on me so I need to figure out something for the belt. I think a commercially available belt will be too heavy a look for this dress but lacework or fabric seems too flimsy.

Any thoughts?

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  1. How about an embroidered tone on tone belt? Mother of Pearl pull through buckle? Lace insert mini-cumberbund?