Thursday, July 12, 2012

This week's Sunday Dinner

There is nothing better than beef. Bacon, of course, ranks pretty high but a good piece of beef is a thing of beauty. When I was a kid, my mom used had a cookbook with a burgundy cover that I loved to peruse. The pictures looks like something the Two Fat Ladies would come up with but the results were divine. One of those recipes was called London Broil and instructed you to marinate a nice side of beef for a few hours and then save part of it for a follow up recipe called Buckingham Beef Salad.

I'd completely forgotten about this particular blend of awesomeness until my grocery store circular offered a sale price on London Broil. Immediately, my insides demanded I stuff it with deliciousness, never you mind the fact that I don't have the recipe and haven't made it since I was fourteen or so. I would figure it out if it killed me.

And figure it out I did. This stuff was the bombdiggity or perhaps I was simply giddy on lighter fluid fumes and the thrill of managing my first perfect grill fire of the season.

Either way, it was good eats at Casa de la Hot Mess and I managed to approximate the flavors pretty well. I made it a family affair and served it with garlic green beans in the style of my father in law and rounded it out with yummy sour cream and herb potatoes.

Meat and potatoes.

Does it get any better for a Sunday Dinner??

Why yes it does. May I present to you a cake that tastes and feels like a tagalong Girl Scout cake??

The exact recipe isn't important. You just need three things for success here, one yellow cake slightly warm from the oven, a half cup or so of smooth peanut butter, and a tasty milk chocolate icing. You just nuke the peanut butter for a few seconds until it spreads easily, about 30 seconds by my count. Slather it all over your cake. Next, freeze it until the peanut butter is nice and solid, then spread your icing on top. Pour yourself a glass of milk and try not to eat the whole pan.

You're welcome in advance.

Before I go, wanna see my shoes??

They were free courtesy of a credit I don't recall earning but took advantage of nonetheless. It's a wonderful color, one of my favorite colors as I'm a turquoise, aqua, sage, mint loving heifer.

And because my hair felt like cooperating, here's a shot of that too.

Even Tigger approves.

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