Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How netflix costs me extra money

I watch a lot of netflix instant. I won't say how much but let's just put it out there that I could probably recite you the first five picks in half the categories by heart. Mr man works nights so I either watch while he's asleep during the day or I watch after he's gone to work and the kids have gone to bed.

Sometimes I come across delicious goodness, like the Forsyte Saga.

Well, hello there,
Captain Douchecanoe  Mr. Soames Forsyte

Sometimes I come across absolute crap that not even pretty little Orlando Bloom can save. (I'd provide a link but I don't want to be responsible for your sudden case of depression.)

I thought about jumping too,
until I remembered I had the remote.

And then sometimes I come across a movie that should be immediately forgettable were it not for one amazing garment that makes my life.

Uma totally looks like a Stepford wife here, amiright?

Okay, perhaps that's an exaggeration. After all, this dress is not the most clever of designs, nor does it use any sort of new color scheme, nor are the fabric choices very inspired. Nonetheless, I was striken with a case of acute Gottamakethisnowitis that would not be cured until I did a little click click over at Fabric Mart and ensured a couple yards of grape charmeuse and black lace netting were speeding their way to my home.

That belt is terrible. Perhaps a sash?
And the length is a bit too long for my tastes.

While I wait for Mr Postman to bring me my goods, I have to figure out how to put it together. I've got the sleeves and the skirt down pat and even the neckline but the whole bodice is still a mystery.

No matter. I cannot wear it until I no longer have to share the sisters with my five month old. That gives me seven months to come up with something.

Btw, if you're curious, the movie is called The Accidental Husband. Unless you simply want to see the dress in action, do yourself a favor and skip this massive, nearly plotless, anticlimatic turd of a movie. It's an insult to my intelligence, to women in general, to Jeffrey Dean Morgan's opportunity to headline a movie, and most of all, to the awesomeness that is Colin Firth.

Look, I think Mr Firth is the bee's knees and apparently, a nice dude in real life to boot. But unless you have a raving addiction to the former Mr. Darcy/Uncle Jamie/King George VI, do yourself a favor and watch this instead.

That's right, you walk  home,
you dirty, dirty boy
and in leather too.

Not enough Colin? Skip right over to the Best Week Ever archives and take a handful of napkins along to deal with that drool problem you've suddenly developed. I see you. 

Speaking of Mr. Firth, if you haven't seen A Single Man, please get on it. It's beautifully shot, so very pretty, and quite lovely. In fact, it's the prettiest movie I've seen since Girl With a Pearl Earring, also a Colin Firth flick. Except the former is a fantastic movie while the latter forces you to endure a particularly glassy eyed, opened mouth Scarlett Johansson while waiting for Colin sightings.

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  1. Haha, I liked that Uma movie too, but I thought the fireman character was more of a hottie :). I thought that dress was darling too. Good luck with your sewing project.