Saturday, November 24, 2012

Oh yeah!

I do have a blog!

My sewing mojo has been non-existent of late. I'd ask for ideas on how to jump start it but my disgusting lack of posts means that there is likely no one reading this. Also, mojo or not, I have to start sewing. It's after Thanksgiving and any sewist, home hobbyist, self made gift giver knows what that means . . . IT'S CHRISTMAS CRAFTING TIME!

Yes indeed.

First up, a wreath. I have all the materials purchased thanks to Black Friday and some awesome Joann's coupons. I'll let you know how it goes. 

It also means it's Advent Scarf Time!

What's Advent Scarf Time?

Well, if as a kid you ever did an advent calender, it's pretty much the same concept except instead of candy or whatever else parents do for these things, you get a newly revealed bit of knitting. In the end, you're supposed to come out with a fantabulous finished scarf, like so:

As made by the very talented mmhiscox on Ravelry.
I love this version. It reminds me of a Nordic fjord.
So very winter, so very Christmas.

I made an attempt the first year I decided I was a knitter and it was truly a hot mess. I went with some really awful scratchy Vanna White crap that I couldn't fathom wrapping around my neck unless I'd been convicted of a crime and sentenced to death by acrylic wrapped in tinsel. After five rows of madness, I switched to some feathery also acrylic nonsense that kept slipping off my aluminum needles and was nearly impossible to see. So I gave up, gave in, gave out, all the things.

Two years later, I think I've come much further as a knitter and am prepared to give it the old college try. As I mentioned earlier, I'm coming into a busy time sewing-wise, forget all the other hustle that comes from the holiday season. I thought it might be nice to have some time set aside every day this month to sit down, take a deep breath, and do some knitting.

If you're interested in joining me, you can find more info here. You can also join the ravelry group here. I'll update daily with the new bit. and as a measure of accountability and an attempt to get back in the blogging habit, I'll be sharing my progress with anyone who might still be reading this thing. If you are joining, leave me a comment or even send me some pictures. I wanna see!!!!


  1. That sounds fun... and if i could remember how to knit.... I would attempt to join you, but alas, I haven't knitted since i was 13......

  2. Plus, you live so very far away. I couldn't teach you or anything lol.

  3. A Christmas mystery knit along! I love it! AND it can double as a gift. Bonus! And just say no to Vannas Choice. It's only good for making toys.

    Good luck with your holiday sewing!