Wednesday, September 19, 2012


That's how much the antique shop wants for the gorgeous Jackie O ensemble I mentioned here.

It's actually a really great price now that I've had the chance to get all up close and personal with it. I'm going to guess it's wool due to the weight but it has such a smooth texture that I'm not sure. Most old clothes feel polyesterish to me so don't take my word for it on fiber content. Ambiguous fabric aside, it's in fabulous condition, the color is rich and I saw no odd spots whatsoever. It looks like it was transported here from the 60's era shop from which it was sold with nary a person to wear it. I would have taken more pictures, but it felt a little weird being all up in dude's display case with my phone.

Instead, I'll show you the pictures I took of this absolutely adorable Revolutionary War era frock coat. I should say style, not era as I think it was a costume. If it was the real deal, they wouldn't be selling it for $100 I'm sure, even with all the wear and damage to it.

The back is my favorite part. I'm sure there is a technical term for that detailing but we're just going to call those butt pleats, okay?

Since I was in the area, I hit up the antique shop two doors down but as big as the place was, I didn't see anything that struck my fancy but I did find a dress that inspired me to get cracking on a cute little vintage sundress.

Ignore the belt and focus for a minute with me on the gathered bodice above the waist. Cute, right? Beautiful wide color and an adorable tiered skirt. Too bad I loathe for fabric. Good thing I can sew. I can have one of my very own without having to drape myself in green tiki fabric that will make me look like I'm fighting a losing battle with sea sickness.

And that's really all I have to report. There were more than a few cute vintage hats but again, that tricky problem with photographing things. I guess I'm not sure what the etiquette is there. Will dude think I'm casing the joint? Will he find it odd that I love things enough to snap pictures but not purchase them?

Anyone else have this problem?

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