Friday, September 14, 2012

This week's menu

I'm totally a day late and a dollar short this week. Blame it on Labor Day and the U.S. Army.

I've started shopping at the commissary on post again since Mr Man is in the guard and was going on my usual Sunday after church when I've had time to peruse the sales flyers and make my list accordingly. However, Monday is the commissary's stocking day which means everything there on Sunday is slim pickings. The meat department resembles the Zombie Apocalypse two days after patient zero started gnawing on faces. Since meat is the primary reason I go to the commissary, I decided to change my shopping day to Tuesday.

However, the commissary is closed on Mondays due to the aforementioned stocking day. When there's a holiday on Monday, they close on Tuesday as well. So I didn't grocery shop until Wednesday. Why I'm not blogging about it until today? Well, you know how I roll . . .

So, onto the list. I actually spent a bit more than I planned to this week. However, that's because there were a couple deals I couldn't pass up as well as some deals where I needed to buy a bit more in order to use my handy dandy coupons. But I still came in pretty close at about $160. Of course I can't find the stupid receipts but would you rather have pics of receipts eventually or a blog post now?

I'll get better, I swear.

Thursday: Sausage Rotini with broccoli and garlic bread

Friday: Honey Lime Shrimp with broccoli, red pepper, and rice

Saturday: Crockpot chicken and noodle soup with fresh bread (HA! I'm not even sure why I'm trying. I bet money my lazy behind ends up picking up some at Kroger and calling it good. If mr man is lucky, I'll hit up the cute bakery up the street and get some rosemary ciabatta bread.

Sunday: PICNIC TIME!! Steak and veggie wraps, fruit salad, and maybe potato salad.

Monday:  Cuban Flank Steak over rice

Tuesday: Chili Colorado Burritos Enchiladas

It's gonna be a good week.


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