Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Uh Oh, it's magic!

How much is this beauty in the window??

I don't know and I'm not asking. For starters, see that gray part at the top? Yeah, not gray but beautifully, painstakingly sequinned both at the top of the bodice and along the gorgeous collar on the coat. Matching pillbox hat, a beautiful fabric with a lovely sheen, matching coat, perky little gloves, and a beautiful sequinned bag all adds up to too rich for my blood.

Plus, they were closed so I would have had to wait around with the hot mess pudding so see only to be disappointed when I flipped the little tag and gasped aloud.

However, occasionally, you can be surprised when asking.

For instance, I went to a massive community yard sale over the weekend. To be frank, the selection was terrible. Overpriced crap interspersed with clothing broke grandmas wouldn't be caught dead in. Broken toaster ovens, two copies of Dianetics, and old southern gospel church lady two piece suits. I was just about to go home depressed when I spied with my little eye a couple copies of Creative Needle sitting underneath a fat pile of how to make fleece santas from old socks and dryer lint magazines.

SCORE, right?

But then I kept looking and what before my wondering eyes should appear?

Oh, no no no, I said to myself. Surely, I'm going to open this box and it will be filled with buttons and old zippers, right?


There was a pleater inside. And for those of you who don't know what a pleater is, well, it's nifty and it's used for making the pleated on smocked items. If you aren't from the south, you probably still have no clue what I'm talking about but after today, if you're a regular reader, I promise you'll find out.

So, I says to myself, "Self, don't get your hopes up. You know what these babies are worth new and what they go for on ebay. DO NOT GIVE IN AND HAND OVER ALL YOUR CASH FOR IT, MMKAY?"

Bravely, I looked at the little "make offer" sticker affixed to the top, swallowed my nervousness and high hopes and inquired very cautiously how much she wanted for it.

$50 bucks she said. Lord, I could have fallen over. I started whipping out my cash right then and there before I remembered she had other stuff I might wanted to buy.

Look, I bought some other stuff but really, I can barely recall. A couple sewing magazines, some silk ribbon, whatever. The point is I walked away with a pleater that's maybe seen the light of day three times with extra needles besides for a whopping $50. I could have baby sat ebay for months and maybe paid $125.

Isn't she beautiful??

This probably means I should go back and check out the tag on the Jackie O ensemble, yes??

I'll report back.


  1. If I didn't know you would kill me in a fight to the death I would fight you to the death for that dress. It's FABULOUS!

  2. Cant wait til you pleat Ramsey Jane's dress with it!

  3. Cant wait til you pleat Ramsey Jane's dress with it!

  4. Want to hear about it when you do! It's fantastic, and I would be disappointed if you did not at least check.