Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Introducing a new feature: Literary Musings by Pete

My ten year old is a voracious reader. Lucky for him, a friend had a huge garage sale recently and we hit pay dirt on a treasure trove of books. Because this kid says the most giggleworthy things (or maybe just in my opinion, idk) I asked him if he might like to write up some reviews for his books. Who knows? Maybe he'll grow up to be just like my favorite book blogger, the gorgeously curly Ms Bear Allen over at Black, White, and Read.

And here's the first installment in this series.

Jumanji by Chris Van Allsburg (maybe, it's some sort of weird, you dumb kids are too dumb to read the real book unless you've seen the movie and even now that you've seen the movie, I'm still going to just regurgitate the movie instead of expecting you to the read the real book novelization of the movie of the book or something.)

Hi, my name is Shane and I'm here to talk about a book named Jumanji. It's a good book for all ages. Jumanji is about how a man, a woman, and a turtle, I mean two kids, played a game called Goats on a Boat. 
I'm just kidding, it's called Jumanji.
The more you play it, the more cute puppies dangerous things come out. I thought it was THE WORST BOOK EVER.
I'm joking. I was actually a COOL book.
Thanks for reading.
You should read Jumanji. It's a good book.

This kid seriously slays me. Too bad you can't hear his hilarious, laugh at my own jokes giggle as he read me this review.

He's currently reading James and the Giant Peach so stay tuned to hear his random thoughts on weird illustrations and his irritation that his sister won't read such awesome merely because there are no princesses and prissy girls involved.

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