Monday, June 4, 2012

How does my garden grow?

Well, this was three weeks ago:

And this is today:

Not too shabby, right?

The lettuce that was along the back edge has since been pulled up. My dumb ass didn't know that lettuce is a cold weather crop and doesn't perform in the heat. It grows alright but then it tastes like rubber. Decidedly not appetizing. So rather than waste time and energy growing something I wouldn't even feed to the smelly monster children, I'm going to grow more beans. Lima beans to be precise.

I hate lima beans. Maybe I'll like them better fresh.

My container garden of vines is screwed. The stems on the squash and zucchini split and nasty looking yellow stuff was coming out of it so I yanked it all except the cucumber and hoped that would make it okay.

It didn't.

I don't know what that is and I don't care. I'm just gonna cross that off the list and move on. If I feel like it, I might toss out all the dirt and plant something else but it's getting a little late in the season I think. Established plants are getting scarce and the selection is thin.

The flowers look good though as do p&p's little container gardens.

Aside from the unfortunate loss of the tarragon, the herbs are looking spiffy too.

Something is having a nibble nibble at my strawberry leaves.

But fruit production isn't affected. If you know anything about gardening, can you tell me if I'm supposed to care?


And peppers too!

When I was a girl, I always imagined I could be a farmer. As I grew up, I realized that the pages of Little House on the Prairie must have been sprinkled with crack for me to dream so grandly. Now I'm not so sure. I just might have a green thumb after all.


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