Thursday, June 7, 2012

Let's talk about what I did right today

See, what you do is ya hold dis
thing in your hand like so . . .

So the pudding is hitting the glorious stage of discovered movement. He can not only grasp things but he can wave them around with abject glee. What he can't do is move his face even though he knows that thing is coming for his little cheeks like a freight train. So basically, he just waves his little retinue of plastic rabbit links and winces when they get too close for comfort.

And shake it like a polaroid picture

This is much cuter than it sounds, I swear.

What is also cute is the way he frantically kicks his legs in a way that makes you think he's about to fall out of the damned thing and then when you look over to see if this if he's going to go all Humpty Dumpty on your ass, he pauses, mid pudgy leg waving and smiles like he's just seen the sun.

I'm savoring these moments for when it's time to do second grade homework and he informs me he doesn't feel like I love him because I make him do things he doesn't want to.

Wut? I would never!

We'll see whose the sun then.

1 comment:

  1. What a happy little guy! I'm sure he'll never have less than an adoring word for his mama.