Sunday, June 10, 2012

Why doesn't anyone tell me these things??

Have you ever heard of Style Arc??

Good so I'm not the only one.

Well here you are. I've not even ordered yet and already, I can sense this will be the beginning of a beaaaaaaaaaaautiful friendship.

So tell me, what should I spend my birthday money on? Yes, I said birthday money. My mommy in love (a typo I'm keeping) always sends me a little something something and a card every year. I know I don't need more patterns but isn't that the point of birthday money, buying something you don't need? Are there enough questions in this post? Why is the sky blue? How long will it take me to go insane with my kids home all day? Where do rainbows end? Where the hell is that little leprechan douche with my pot of gold?

I digress and so easily as always. So back to the point. Which one!

Olivia Dress
Anna Dress
Katharine Blouse
There are soooooooo many to choose from. Granted, the dresses are probably out as I won't be able to wear them until next year with a kid attached to the sisters fairly often. Ronnie would be the prefect fall top to address that latter issue but I was hoping to sew something up sooner. I'm really feeling the Katharine blouse I think.

Of course, I could just go for the two patterns that have my name written all over them, quite literally actually.

Samantha Top
Samantha Skirt
I get the feeling any pattern I order will end up sewn quite often, especially if I go for a top. I need more basics in my life, especially of the casual shirt variety.

As a bonus, if I get my heinie in gear and order before the end of the month, I get a bonus pattern.

It's like they knew it was my birthday! Speaking of random acknowledgement of my awesome, I went to a pool party in honor of the lovely miss Peyton, an adorable wee bit of nearly seven cuteness whom I teach in my night class at church and there was a banner outside of the community center that said, Happy Birthday, Samantha!

I choose to believe they were talking to me.


  1. Style Arc is great!

    And the postage on 3 patterns (not counting your free one) is the same as for 2 patterns, so if you decide you really like 2 of these, you might as well get 3.

    Remember that "the end of the month" is according to the date in Australia, which is sooner than here in the US.

  2. That is a fantastic idea, Gail. My husband thanks you. LOL

    I think I want to do summer basics instead of anything particularly fancy or fall like. But I could just be saying that because if I pick a fall pattern, I may as well wait until later in the year and save myself some money, yes?


  3. Hubby is now mad at you, because I just bookmarked that site. Also, if I'd known it existed about a month ago, I wouldn't have had to buy a dress for the wedding in a couple of weeks. Ah well. We have another wedding in August...

    Also, for you, I like the Ronnie top and both Samantha pieces. Now I must go build a shopping cart...

  4. I LOVE the Olivia and Anna dresses!

  5. I have heard of them, they get good reviews on Pattern Review.

  6. I have been a devout follower of StyleArc for a while now and everything I have sewn of theirs is perfect. In fact, I have a huge preference to them over the big four now. I have just finished the Tori pants and they are a winner. So get your order in quick if you want them free.