Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I'm famous, yo!!!

Okay so really, I won a contest but I feeeeeeeeeel famous and since it's all about me, let's go with my first reaction. Infamy, that's me.

On to the details. Are you an interwebs meanderer? I am, particularly on the weekends. I hit up one corner of the worldwideweb and then flit around like a butterfly on crack. Why on crack you say? Because butterflies are graceful and lighter than air and I'm well, not. I'm not on crack either if that's what you're wondering, even if my hair looks like Whitney's after an all night bender.

So a few weeks ago, while wandering around, I stumbled upon a pair of talented bloggers heading up a vintage lingerie sewalong, Anna Depew at A Few Threads Loose and Sarah Norwood at Ohhh Lulu. Now, given my fascination with vintage clothing and my love of cute underpinnings, it's only natural that I fell headlong in love and have been a loyal followers of both ever since. I've even decided, thanks to their beautiful work, clear instructions, and faboo pictures that I should make an attempt at sewing some lingerie of my own. There's even some peacock brocade in my sewing stash I've mentally set aside for a set.

So imagine my excitement when I saw that Sarah was doing an ad spot promotion for the first five people to comment. Well you know I hustled my ass right over and to my surprise, VOILA! I AM FAMOUS.

I guess I better sew me some new panties for my happy dance.

So please, head over to Ohhh Lulu and check out her blog, not just to celebrate my general awesomeness but also to take a gander at the uberskilled Sarah and her beautiful pieces. Also, she has an etsy shop. So if you don't sew or you aren't yet ready to tackle unmentionables, you can buy some. After all, who doesn't like to feel pretty in their pants?

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go rescue my baby from his bed. He would like you all to know that I'm mean, horrid, abusive, and not at all famous. Thanks for the reality check, kid.


  1. I can say I knew you when. Just promise me you wont forget the little people... who stood by you when all you had was a bobbin and a dream.

  2. Just wondered in from visiting Sarah's blog, which I just wondered into last week! Love your blog, love reading what other mothers are at - I have 2 boys and am just hanging on! LOL!

  3. Thanks everyone!

    And Steph, I think that's true of all mothers. lol