Monday, May 7, 2012

It's raining, it's pouring

I'm blaming the rain for my lack of productivity today. I sewed exactly jack and shizit today, didn't cut out a damned thing. I weeded nothing and watered about two hours before the skies opened up and released a torrent that I thought would knock over my sage.

I did manage a homemade veggie sausage soup though.

I made the stock from yesterday's lamb trimmings and spent the day salivating as the scent permeated my kitchen. This is also the trouble with using your crockpot while you're at home. Suddenly you feel like a supermodel in the middle of a bakery, your stomach lecturing you while you try in vain to convince yourself that you are not starving. I may have stuffed my face all day accordingly. Half of that might have been leftover Sunday dinner dessert. Cookie brownies are the devil.

I worked in some MMM, too.

This is the Sorbetto blouse by Colette Patterns. Yay for a free working pattern.

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