Monday, May 7, 2012

There is no try

Ahh, Sunday dinner.

A time honored tradition in which all parties gather in the kitchen, listen to some Sinatra, and labor over a nice, home cooked meal and a faboo dessert while dodging incoming fire from a roving band of mandalorians who have been engaged by the Sith to hijack dinner prep and poison the unsuspecting republic's dining facilities.

Wut? This doesn't happen in your household?

Thankfully, Asoka Tano, Mace Windu, and the strategic use of the force enabled us to turn out a lovely shepherd's pie featuring golden lamb chops delivered to Savannah by caravan across the dessert.

No, really, you need to understand the lengths I undertook to snag 3lbs of lamb chops. Do people not eat lamb anymore? I'm not sure why I'm shocked actually. I've had lamb exactly four times in my life and half of those were over the last two days. I will say I was surprised to find I could purchase fresh goat in my local Kroger but not lamb of any kind.

Goat, people. Goat.

Maybe I should find a recipe for a future Sunday dinner, hmm?

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