Thursday, May 3, 2012

I'm going slightly mad

It finally happened, woah oh

Remember my meandering Sunday wallyworld thread?

Welp, I realized Tuesday when headed out the door with plans to raid goodwill that I hadn't seen my debit card or my I.D since my last run in with my Sam Walton stalker. I scrounged my car, my purse, the diaper bag, the trunkish thing that's not a trunk but totally is the back of the car where you put trunk stuff, the diaper bag again, the backseat, the front seat, the pocket of every pair of jeans I own, the bathroom floor, even my kid's jeans since I remember sticking my keys in there as I had no pockets on Sunday and wasn't carrying a purse.

No dice. Up against the clock and a lunch date with a cool lady and her awesome kid, I snatched Mr Man's debit card and dashed out of the door. After being treated to the antics of very smart four year old with a perfect Mario imitation, I came back home and repeated my search to no avail.

So yesterday morning, I rouse my lazy ass from bed and consider which will be more painful, playing round robin with the stupid voice automation feature on the phone or dealing with the heavy sighs, starched shirts, and eerie quiet of the bank. Choosing the latter, I got the pudding dressed and hot footed it out to the car ready to take on the day. I went to straighten the straps on his carseat and what do my fingers graze??

That's right, my debit card. Don't ask me. I just live here.

A bank trip avoided. Now I am free to run into Joann's real quick for a couple invisible zippers and see what else randomly attacks my cart. Seersucker maybe? mmmhmmm! And two bolts of a really pretty peachy rose cotton with green birds on it? Oh yes please especially as I not only had a 40% off Joann's coupon but thanks to a wise comment on Gertie's blog post from the other day, I was also in possession of a beautiful, gorgeous, shiny 20% off your total purchase coupon.


Oh yeah, baby!

My high lasted exactly six hours when standing in walmart (see, sucked in again!) I realized I actually had lost my debit card. I carried it in when I ran in to get yogurt, somehow set it down when I was distracted by a bolt of brown, pink, and cream striped knit and somehow, by the time I headed towards the grocery side of the place, I'd lost it.


Guess I'm going to have to deal with the bank tellers after all. At least I won't spend 30 minutes yelling NO, LOST CARD, YES, BACK, SCREW YOU AUTOMATED SYSTEM!!

See, I can look on the bright side.

I think I deserve ice cream today, don't you?

Cold Stone, here I come!

Ice cream fixes everything,
except a raving case of fatass of course.

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