Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A resolution I never mentioned

I've decided this will be the year to grow my holiday decor collection. And by grow, I mean start one. I have some Christmas stuff but aside from one sad spring-like wreath and its matching styrofloral cousins, I got nada. The plan is to wait until after each holiday and hit up the clearance rack. But since I have the patience of a puppy eyeing a chicken treat, I also plan to make a wreath to suit the holiday.

First up is Valentine's.

I need to come up with something awesome for St Paddy's because I cannot imagine loving anything more than I love this. I think it's the teal/aqua business going on in there. What's to hate when my favorite color is involved?

I used about a yard of gray gingham homespun from Joann's. With my handy dandy glue gun, I wrapped strips around a straw wreath form, also from Joann's until everything was covered. Using three fat quarters in complimentary colors (wait, are they complimentary? IDK, but I liked the way they looked together, so there), I made three types of fabric flowers. The dark pink ones are rolled flowers and the pink and gray ones came together like so. The aqua ones involved sewing but since they are my favorite and not just due to the color, I'd say it was worth the effort. So yeah, go do this, now. Then I used two floral picks from Michaels as filler. They originally stuck out from either side all gracefully and grandly and such but after gluing on all the flowers, they looked more like pearl tipped spider legs. So I twisted the pieces around and bent them to my will with the aid of my glue gun until they no longer offended me.

Here's a closer look.

And here's an "action" shot.

Now go forth and create!

And show me pictures. I love pictures.


  1. I love the action shot.

  2. Love this!!! I am a big fan of seasonal wreaths, although I end up loving them so much that I hang them IN the house so I can see them more often!!