Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Something rather amazing happened to me a few weeks ago and I never got to share as I was knee deep in a blogging schlump from which I am slowly recovering.


The amazingly talented Leimomi Oakes, aka The Dreamstress hosted a giveaway featuring one's choice of four gorgeous vintage patterns, a length of fabric, and a variety of notions and trims to jazz the whole thing up with. The only thing one had to do was share what you might do with such a thing. I picked the Simplicity pattern and put forth the idea of making a jacket out of some white linen I have laying around. Well now that my prize has arrived, I am in a quandry. The jacket is sweet and that's all lovely but you know, those beautiful, beautiful trims need to be showcased with that fabric. They are a perfect, happy little family.

So what to do, what to do?

I think a sundress is in order, don't you? A little red gingham bias along the straps, piping on pockets, possibly on the seams.

Can I have a grown up version of this dress?

Littlegoodall at etsy

Or perhaps something like this.

From HelaQ and still available!

And how fabulous would all that piping look on these seams?

sold on ebay

It's still chilly and blah here so no sundresses for a while. But I broiled my behind off on St Patty's so sundress weather will be here pretty soon. If you have any suggestions, I'm all ears. (And before you say it, yes I should check my stash, but what's the fun in that?)

Oh yes! I forgot all about the chocolate! Mostly because I'm stingy with my chocolate and I don't want nunya peeping in my windows trying to steal it. If you promise not to pass out and die at the sight of the hot mess currently living on my head, I'll show you some pictures.

All the way from New Zealand,


 with macadamia nuts!



  1. Sweet Score Momma, are you gonna have to slap a "you know what" if I come over for some chocolate. ;) Personally that last pattern is my favorite.

  2. Dude, the other chocolate has pineapple guava in it! I will put a hurting on anyone who dares come between me and this awesomeness. You will need an old guy in the forest and his crazy wife to revive you.

  3. You and Pete look like twins in this post.