Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Give an inch

and this hot mess girl child of mine wants a damned mile.

I was sitting here working on her damned stays when this little blond thing pops out of her room and sidles up to my shoulder.

"Mommy, will you make this for me?"

"Which part?" I ask.

"All of it," came the dreaded reply. "It's so preeeeeeeeeeetty!"


She better be grateful I love her. Do you think it would cute in flannel for a winter dress? Who am I kidding? I bought the pattern for a reason (for $1 off some craigslist, former Hancock's employee, fabric hoader.) So yeah, I'll totally make it. But first . . . have I mentioned my etsy addiction?

Because I totally have an etsy addiction. I've been working hard to resist temptation but when one comes across mother-daughter cobbler apron patterns???

Via Maryworld

via Platypus Dream

So yeah, totally done. I did manage to resist the urge to "make it worth the shipping" and browse through the rest of each shop's offerings. But what shall I make in? I prefer Connecting Threads for apron sewing because the stuff is thick and plush and yet not expensive but nothing is standing out for me. The pinks are quite abysmal and I see nothing in aqua that inspires me.

Red and white maybe?

What do you think?


  1. I really like the reds a lot. I agree, they are not up to par in the teal and pink department. Red is definitely an acceptable alternative

  2. I really love the red but of course red is my favorite color so I'm quite bias.

  3. Red would look awesome in the kitchen.. or the garden... or anywhere for that matter!