Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Because I don't have enough to do

by Burda Style

Check out Banyan Tree's version.

I can see it in a navy blue wool with an ivory lining, gold buttons and maybe even epaulets. Let's just hope it won't give me a dogged determination to pursue ex-convicts who are merely trying to make something good of themselves.


  1. But you'll be so much cuter than Javert... I mean Russell Crowe.

    1. But will I be cuter that Geoffrey Rush? I mean that's kind of hard to beat.

  2. That's adorable! You NEED that.

  3. OMG! That would be FABULOUS!!! I want it tooooo!!

  4. That is a great blazer! I like it best opened up at the top, like the picture. In navy, yes! You are seriously talented to be able to look at that and think about making it. I look at something like that and wonder where I can buy it!