Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lazy heifer, that's me

le sigh

The procrastinator strikes again.

I got my grocery list done on time but my lazy behind didn't leave the house until noonish. Also I forgot my ID to go on post so I decided just to hit up wallyworld where I ended up buying more crap than I needed at higher prices than I should have because I didn't bother to comparison shop between Kroger and Walmart and buy accordingly the way I usually do when I don't go to the commissary.

Did you get all that?

So uhm, yeah, what should have been a cheaper run since I had a lot of the stuff on hand, including $10 worth of salmon on sale at Food Lion, ended up costing me about $140 for all the groceries plus the $20 produce box. Add in the aforementioned salmon and we are at $170 all because I didn't feel like getting my ass off the computer and/or looking for my ID card.


So here's the rundown:

Thursday: Char siu and pork fried rice with garlicky green beans - because none of this was cooked last week. Pete had a slumber party and I was feeling lazy so mr man ate leftover and the pinkermeister and I chowed down on some quarter pounders.

Friday: Sausage w/peppers and egg noodles - also a leftover meal from last week as the enchiladas and spanish rice lasted until the next day.

Saturday Breakfast: Applesauce pancakes, ham, and apple cider

Saturday: Chicken and corn chowder with bread sticks and salad

Monday: BBQ Chicken, Twice baked potato casserole, and corn

Tuesday: Ginger Soy Salmon, rice, and roasted brussel sprouts.

I'd love to ramble on about this week's shopping trip but I've just been informed that the girl child launched a box of bisquick in her brother's direction, which would be all find and dandy had not the box been previously opened and the bag holding the bisquick been rolled down.

You people are going to think I don't even like them, aren't you?

See? I like them . . . usually.


  1. Cute kids. I have a tendency to compare shop after I've bought something. I will never learn. Meals sound yummy.

    1. Thanks! If I'm going to skip the commissary, I usually go coupon hunting, study the circulars, etc. And this is why. Damned $170 bucks. Booooooooo

      Although, let's be honest here, I'm just mad that I could have spent that extra twenty on fabric.

  2. This is why I'm not ready to be a parent. I would have seen Bisquick flying, started yelling food fight and the rest would be history

    1. It's all fun and games until it's time to clean up. This is why parents are fun suckers.

  3. Your going to need to tell me how that tomato soup with mozzarella balls is because it looks amazing

    1. Did you look at the tomato soup recipe that came with the ahem balls? Because I'm leery of trying a recipe crafted by a woman who expects people to put cream cheese in their tomato soup. Crimes against food, for real.

    2. Why do you think I want you to try it first? LOL The cream cheese in the tomato soup totally weirded me out