Friday, January 11, 2013

This one goes out to the one I love

Admittedly, I was pretty stumped for a blog post today, mostly because my lazy behind still has not taken a picture of my advent scarf (you'll be pleased to know you have 21 shopping days left until Christmas.) I also haven't sewn anything in two days. So as one is wont to do, I asked facebook. As a result, I'm just gonna dedicate this one to my bestie. She knows who she is. She is my friend, my sister in heiferdom, my partner in procrastination, the introverted ying to my extroverted yang (or something) and would you believe we've never laid eyes on each other in person??


One day, my pretty. One day. In the meantime, 

Go by yourself some new clothes, woman!! Might I suggest the following?

I can even tell you where to buy it all. Except now I want to burn down everything because that coat, which is only $40, btw, only comes in one damned size.


Oh, look! Delia's has one for $60. Doooooooooooooeeeeeeeeeeeet!

And for the rest of you, let's just gaze upon the following lovely while singing showtunes to ourselves.

Burberry Trench
$746 from


  1. Showtunes it is! love the outfit and the purple!!

  2. This might be my most favorite post of yours, EVER. I love you lady. BTW I have almost that exact same coat I got at Old Navy for $15. Except I decided to get it in orange, lol.

    1. Orange? Since when do you wear orange? And who says you can only have one coat?? I have four I think and I'm like, poor and stuff. One is fuchsia!