Monday, January 7, 2013

I knew pinky's regency dress was oddly familiar

The youngest of the Dashwood sisters as portrayed by Emilie Francois in the 1995 version Sense and Sensibility was a big fan of the fichu, even whilst fighting off pirates and assigning underlings to the more unsavory tasks associated with running a large vessel.

No wonder you mother and sister run your life, wuss.

What kind of dumbass doesn't know where the Nile is?

So this is what grown ups do.
When will angry birds be invented?

I could have saved you all that terrible blubbering
if you'd only listened to me about the rain.

Don't you wish your treehouse was boss like mine?

Emilie acted in two more movies post Sense and Sensibility, Paws and New Year's Day before graduated from Cambridge University. She also earned an MA from Georgetown and is working on her doctorate at Oxford while pursuing a career in journalism. In 2003, she converted to Islam and gave up acting.

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