Monday, January 7, 2013

I am officially obsessed with historic fashion

And here's another blog on the topic, I Love Historical Clothing. I'm loving the post on Mirror, Mirror because while the costumes were faboo, the white gown in the woods being one of my favorites, I cannot recommend you waste your life watching that hot mess. Julia Roberts was the best thing about that movie and I don't even like that chick.

Contrary to popular belief, my stepmother wasn't half bad.
It was that evil swan on my head that caused me to flee the kingdom.


Robin hood meets the Seven Dwarves.
Do you think they hand embroidered that underbust corset too?

It's no surprise that the costumes turned out so well. They were created by Eiko Ishioka, a costume designer responsible for some of my favorite cinematic goodies.

Gary Oldman + corsets = eye candy for days

Winona Schimona, look at the lace!

She also did the costuming for The Cell starring Vincent D'Onofrio and J.Lo before she became famous for making crappy rom coms and her dating life. But you try finding a still of that flick that does those sets justice. It isn't a good movie either but the costumes alone are reason enough to watch.

For more examples of Ishioka's work, check out this blog, Fashionista. I'm particularly interested in seeing Theresa: Body of Christ but see if I'm lucky enough for Netflix to have it. And that will be a no. I will have to made due with admiring the silk taffeta of this gown.

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