Monday, January 14, 2013

An Anniversary Story

One upon a time, this man of mine asked me to marry him.

There are a thousand lies they could have told
me to fix that hair. I might still be put out.

So I bought the biggest, blingiest, affordable dress I could find.

Just married!

And walked right on down the aisle.

No, we aren't Amish.

It's mostly been sweet.

Hey, I made that cake!

And despite three deployments, 

All American family right here

we haven't managed to kill each other.

This one is disgustingly cute, yes?

We're raising some kids,

Man, they are so big now.

a dog,

Wook at dat tiny puppers!

and recently added a baby to the mix.

I think I was high on vicodin here.

Not too shabby, I say. Not too shabby at all.


  1. Happy Anniversary! And you know that proposal pic is still saved to my desktop, right? It makes me sooooo happy ;)

  2. Happy Anniversary, hope you have a fantastic one. I loved all the pics. :)

  3. This was the cutest post ever.

  4. I love the pics! Thanks for sharing and Happy Anniversary!

  5. That was an awesome story :)
    Happy Anniversary

  6. That is the sweetest anniversary story and the pictures make it "better than 3D" because the love, laughter and strength of your marriage and family shines through! I love you Samantha, and your kids and, John, too (although I haven't met him, if you chose him, he has to be a GREAT guy!) Happy Anniversary and Good Thoughts being sent to you both!!!! Love, Anna.

  7. Happy anniversary sweetie! It's hard to believe you are all grown up with kids of your own! I still the sweet little girl I knew in NJ. Much love